How it Works

The Septech Turbojet 2000 is one of the simplest Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems available, the first tank can be easily recognised as a simple septic tank.  It has 2 chambers and a capacity of 3400 litres, this tank settles out the solids allowing the liquid waste to continue to the second tank where it is treated.Septech how it works

The second tank has a pump which works on a cycle of 15 minutes on and 45 minutes off and uses a simple method of introducing air to the liquid to help bacteria grow.  Bacteria are the main treatment process, they eat the waste which is still present in the liquid leaving it clear.  The Septech 2000 treatment plant has a control panel which controls the cycle of the treatment pump and monitors the system to ensure it works correctly.

The second tank also has media blocks which provide a good habitat for bacteria to grow.  The Septech 2000 Treatment plant also utilises a sludge return line to populate the primary tank with bacteria to pre treat the liquid arriving in the second tank.  The third tank simply holds the second pump which pumps the treated effluent to the disposal field.